Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scenes from the Rozz

I thought I'd do a lengthy post on what's been going on at Rozzie.

New Years Day we had an appetizer party for our friends in the 'Hood.

 Happy times.

My dear Memo in my kitchen! She loved being in the kitchen.

 Andrew is on the Missions Committee at church and we had everyone over for a brunch. It was also Kate's birthday!!

Front porchin' it.

The very best mug ever.

Hanging out with Sweet Baby B one afternoon.

Hanging up pictures.

MIL here for a visit!

Anyone else notice the gross green stairs? Or just me? It's on our list. :)
*Please note our lil rosemary Christmas tree under the mailbox.


Brunch with friends and Tim brings Krispy Kreme. Wildly popular.

Rozzie gets a new driveway! We don't have to go off-roading any more!!

Getting ready for Easter and spring! Can't wait!

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Dorothy said...

Wow, great to see the driveway and backyard. I'm so glad you have your home and you are using it to his glory!