Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt!

Ok, so since a good number of my friends have little ones in our neighborhood, I decided to have an Easter egg hunt at Rozzie!
I rode around on my bike with Andrew and we hand delivered invitations a couple weeks before. 


 The centerpiece is the easiest Easter decoration ever. I got a package of egg ornaments at the dollar store and then branches from the backyard. 

Menu: Greek panzanella, chicken salad, and fruit for the adults. Pb&j sandwiches, cheese sticks, and fruit for the little ones. Carrot cake cupcakes for dessert. Oh, and fruit tea because it's now spring.

Bow in the hair! My favorite!

Time to hunt! The bigger kids were so excited.


After the children collected their eggs, I gave them a cross with their name on it. Inside the eggs were heart stickers and they put them on the cross. One friend told me her daughter walked around the rest of the day with it. So sweet.

The crew!

Photo courtesy of my friend Carrie.

 The after party: running around in the backyard!

Strange as this sounds: I loved cleaning up from the party. I found peanut  butter on the floor and crumbs were everywhere. But those things make a house feel lived in, I think. Also, I love Ikea's plates/cups/bowls/utensils for kids. They work so well!

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Dorothy said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing this with us! What a fun day with you. May God continue to bless your efforts and use Rozzi to bring him Glory!