Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Oh yes! We're so excited about spring at preschool!

We're also getting ready for Easter! 

 The sheep didn't work out like I pictured they would, but that's ok. They have cotton balls for fur and the fingers are legs. I guess that's all they need.

The lil chicks are my favorite. I try to put out the materials and then let them design how they want it to look.

We're so happy it's spring!

I think one thing that bothered me about the elementary school I taught at is how most of the rooms are filled with printed, commercialized pictures and words. My favorite thing about preschool is displaying their artwork all around the room. I mean, it's a lot of work to put up/take down, but worth it!

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Dorothy said...

Precious! I'm so glad you are happy loving a classroom of 3 year olds and using your creativity each day!