Friday, May 10, 2013


Ok, I realize that this might only be funny to me, but I'll blog about it anyway.

Two weeks ago during Chapel at preschool:
Child {very serious the whole time}: "Mrs. Day, did you know that {insert sister's name} likes to toot?"
Me: "No. No I didn't know that."

On Wednesday we had Muffins for Moms at preschool and we've been practicing singing this Mother's Day song for weeks. A mom came up to me that morning and said she found her daughter in the corner of the room with her two hands over her mouth whispering the song quietly before school. She was getting ready but didn't want her mom to hear. So sweet.

Our fish, Nemo, died a month ago. He was actually Nemo III but we didn't tell the children about the other two Nemos for various reasons. We finally decided we were poor fish keepers and they were old enough for us to talk about death. The day we found him, we told them that Nemo went to fish heaven. During lunch, they asked how he got there and I told them I didn't know. A few children discussed that he 1. went up in a helicopter 2. arose to heaven {this was around Easter} and 3. he just didn't like preschool so he died.

For a Mother's Day gift we interviewed the children. One question we asked was, 'My mommy is really good at _____' and one child said, "going to Target". :)

Maybe the funniest thing of all to me is this Valentine's balloon that's been around since the first week in February. We had to tie it upstairs so it wouldn't set off our alarm system. Lately it's been looking a little deflated...

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ginna said...

Carrie you're not the only one who thinks these are funny! Keep them coming. :)