Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Milk & Cookies Party

Monday I had B&L over for a few hours and I put them to work decorating cows for our milk & cookies party. (because cows give us milk)

I also used the string handles from all the Anthropologie bags I have to tie the cows together.

 Milk, of course.

Baby P came... 3 weeks old!

Baby P came as well! 5 days old! This was his first party.

So glad we haven't furnished this room yet. Perfect for all the little ones to run around and play.

I was talking to a few friends about when to have the party. I asked, "what about 7pm?". They were like, "um, kids are in bed by 7. You should have it at 5:30." Earliest party ever...  but I think it was fun for the grown-ups to have dessert before dinner. Plus I was able to give children sugar and send them home. ;) I really do think one child ate 7 cookies. 

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Caitlin said...

So Sweet Carrie!