Saturday, August 17, 2013


Ok, so this post might make more sense if I give you my current setting: dark, dreary night and it's 65 degrees out. August. Yes, that's right. Oh and Andrew's out getting beer with the dudes.

Anyways, I just heard this one song on Pandora which I listened to a lot last fall (and this day really reminds me of fall) which made a lot of thoughts & feelings come back. 

Last fall was really hard. A high school friend took his life last June and then in September a family friend took his own life. I still think about them (a lot of times when I'm doing the dishes... don't know why) and it's hard to wrap my mind around it! So heartbreaking. I feel everything so deeply which can be good and can be really hard. 

Tonight also reminds me of Rozzie. I've been thinking about Rozzie a lot because this time last year we we were in the process of putting in an offer, etc. This house was a short sale... nothing, nothing is ever short about a short sale. From the time we looked at the house (July) to the day we got our keys (December), a lot of waiting happened. We were homeless and at one point had to stop telling our closest family & friends the latest news because it was that much of a ridiculous roller coaster. It wasn't until the night before we closed ... I'll say it again, the night before we closed, until we knew 100% we were getting Rozzie. 

I'm so thankful for this house. I remember driving by last fall and wondering if this is where we'll live. Wondering if that's where we'll have dinner every night and if that's where we'll sit on the porch. It was sitting empty for 2 years (which means I'm still dealing with cobwebs) so I never saw it with furniture/other people's stuff ... blank slate for us!

It's funny what waiting does to a person. After waiting for 6 months for Rozzie, I often find myself so incredibly thankful to the Lord for such a blessing. I can't believe He gave it to us!

We also want to use Rozzie to be a blessing to others so that's why we'll have a Johnson & Wales student live with us this year! She'll be in France this fall studying French pastries (um, hello!) and then will be with us til May. 

So there's my retrospective Saturday night rainy day post. God is good all the time and every good and perfect gift is from above!

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Rachel said...

XOXO. Big hugs to you my friend. I love how God is using you and working in you right now. Great, heart felt post.