Thursday, September 5, 2013


Ok, Andrew knows all of this so it's not a surprise to him.

I love being married. Love it. Love my new last name. I just miss, a lot of the time, being CCC. Hardest part about getting married (which is probably so strange to most people). Maybe it is because names (in this case, initials) are very important to me. I love to hear what friends are naming their babies, getting my class roster is so fun, and I even tell my sister, "You're definitely not a Jenna. But you're such a Ginna.". 

Tonight, after the first day of preschool (!!), Andrew took me to Triple C Brewing Company in SouthEnd. Yeah! I've been wanting to come here for a while. Perfect tonight because Thursday is my Friday and I don't make dinner on Thursday nights during the school year (14 three y/olds exhaust me. love them and love my job, but exhausting.). 

My name has changed and I love but I'll always be CCC. (AD agrees. :)


ginna said...

Yes, you'll always be CCC. :) Cute picture! Your hair is getting longer -- I like it! Can't wait to see you in person soooooon!

Lucy said...

Love this!!