Monday, September 21, 2009

Blogging and cotton candy

Well I just passed my one year anniversary of blogging. Hooray! Not that this is a huge milestone, but probably worth a blog post shout-out if you ask me.

Yesterday I had a LeeAnne day! I hit up the NJ Transit after the wedding weekend and arrived to a beautiful September day in the City. LA and I ran a few errands and then met up with Pamela in Central Park where we enjoyed, along with everyone else in Manhattan, cool weather, blue skies and a relaxing Sunday afternoon. When LA and I got back on the subway, I looked over and saw that someone had a ton of cotton candy at the end of the train!! I'm not especially fond of cotton candy but this made my day! What a happy subway ride.


I just found this video of the boys, and since we were talking about cotton candy already, and since they're just plain adorable and sweet themselves, I thought I would share.

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ginna said...

Oh my goodness I miss those boys! So cute CCC!