Friday, September 11, 2009

Original FG

Once upon a time there was a fellowship group, started by some of my dearest friends in the summer of 2007. I joined towards the end of that summer and it was one of the best things I've ever done. The FG multiplied like crazy after that because we kept growing and growing. Now there are probably 35 people who are/were apart of it and I think from that original FG stem 6 groups.

Anyway, this past Labor Day a couple of the current FG groups got together for a little picnic next to the Brooklyn bridge. When I got there they were playing Catch Phrase and I sat down and introduced myself to the people I didn't know. I met this one guy who asked me how I knew everyone. I said that I was in the original FG and he said something how I was one of the few! I then realized how special it was to be a part of that group and became quite nostalgic thinking about the good times we had. (Pictures below)

What does that mean? It's Friday night in NYC and I'm so excited to get back to FG!

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