Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's been interesting as I've made the transition from NYC to Charlotte. I will most likely expound upon this more in blog posts, but tonight was fun and special because it felt like a normal NYC night. And as Warren Harding once campaigned, any kind of "return to normalcy" is really good for me right now. Here goes:

1. An awesome Bible study tonight with 7 new friends

2. Driving by the amazing Charlotte skyline all lit up

3. I saw a yellow taxicab

4. Peach Snapple

5. Hearing that Pam got the pr job we've been praying for all year!! Yay!!

6. Trader Joes

it's just the little things in life...

1 comment:

ginna said...

You forgot to add "Talking on the phone with Ginna" to that list. ;)