Saturday, November 21, 2009

3rd Annual FG Thanksgiving Dinner

Sadly, I am not in NYC today because I am working a ton and life is busy so I couldn't make it to join my friends for the 3rd annual tgiving dinner!! Two years ago, we started the tradition at my apartment and then last year we had it at my place again and now Perryn is hosting. Hope yall have a wonderful feast- I'm sure it will be a blast! Hope to be back for New Years or some time late winter for Liz's reunion weekend!

A blast from the past....

We look so young!

Sweet friends

My first turkey attempt, ever.

O boys...

Second year making the turkey. I never had a bite of it, either year actually.

The whole gang! Oh how I love them so!

Girls just wanna have fun.

I just love an apt full of people, and Perr's face :)

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Perryn said...

hahaha... awesome/humiliating face!