Monday, November 30, 2009

Round it up

This afternoon I was looking over W's homework and saw that he was working on rounding numbers. I then thought that if you round my age, you get 30. Ok, wow! Thankfully I'm still a few years away from the big 3-0. Now that life is a bit more settled in the South, and since the year is coming to a close, I have started to get really excited about 2010. Why make New Years resolutions/plans in January when you can start now and once the new year comes around, you're already well ahead?!

So here are just a few of my 2010 (and 2009 leftover, or rounded up) dreams:

1. Visit Meg in LA. It's been almost 4 years since I was out there for her wedding and it's about time I visit my middle school best friend in sunny Cali!

2. Go yachting. Oh how I regret that I missed those yachting classes on the Long Island Sound during Summer 2006.

3. Visit NYC, duh.

4. Run a race/marathon. While I ran cross country in high school, I'm not a Lucy Clement or anything! But I might be running a 10k this Spring with my roomie. Give me the Goo.

5. Speaking of... go to a Goo Goo Dolls concert. Ok, laugh all you want, but really, I LOVE them.

6. Volunteer more.

7. Go to ballets, concerts, art exhibits, plays & performances in Charlotte.

8. Get to know my neighbors and have a summer block party.

9. Pray more, which sounds cheesy, but I'm currently reading A Praying Life by Paul Miller and it's such a powerful book!

10. Go to see MLR graduate and become Dr. Roy!!!

11. Plant a herb garden and make it through the Silver Palate cookbook.

12. Write more snail mail letters and be better at keeping in touch with old friends.

13. Watch all of the Oscar nominated films before the Academy Awards.

14. Take a hip hop dance class.

15. Go to Maine with Tam.

16. Send more care packages to friends overseas.

17. Read all the books on my 100 Classic Book List

18. MAKE/BAKE: sushi, a cake with fondant, creme brulee, and perfect my pancakes (I cannot make a fluffy, perfectly circular pancake to save my life!!!)

19. Go home more often.

20. Learn how to change a tire.


leeanne said...

#13 - me too!!

momfessions said...

Sign me up for some overseas care packages!

And have you tried using something circular (I'm thinking biscuit cutter) to pour your pancake batter into???