Thursday, September 9, 2010


On the ride home from school, most days the boys always point out Mustang's and all the other cool makes & models out there. I thought I'd go highbrow on 'em & take them to a real car dealership; to a place where Michael Jordan frequents: Foreign Cars Italia. Now, I'm not usually paying attention to what's on the road, but today, in the presence of expensive & nice cars, I was quite impressed.

I batted my eyes & asked the manager if the boys (& I) could just sit in the cars. He said they normally don't let people get in, but he would this one time. :)

So P and W got to "test drive" a Lamborghini.

And me too! And then a Ferrari. Nice.
Mar was a little mad she wasn't able to come with us. (Actually, she wasn't really mad in this picture, but I still love it...)

So I'll leave you with a little video of Mar reading to me... how adorable!!

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