Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Labor Day weekend & Memorial Day weekend are two of my favorite summer holidays. I decided to go see Katharoo in Savannah and it was fun catching up and seeing where she lives. She is currently a student at SCAD.

We walked around historical downtown, got ice cream at Leopolds (Mir, have you been?) and went to the best deli in Savannah for the closest thing to Manhattan bagels.

We also got to talk to Liz in Romania (on my blackberry)! What fun!

Kathy MADE this bench!


Tails from the City said...

I've never been to that ice cream place...but I love Savannah around where SCAD is!

Liz Spangler said...

Oh I LOVE it! Send me more pics from her house! Soooo cute with the two of you and the blackberry. :) Twas a lovely chat!