Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retreats, friends and bears, oh my!

This past weekend we had a women's retreat in the mountains of North Carolina, mainly Black Mountain. I had to work late, so I drove up on Friday night by myself. It was so dark outside and I was about a mile from the lodge when I saw a huge bear cross the street. It was enormous. I've never seen anything that big. Huge. Had I been 10 seconds sooner I would've hit it and the thing would've opened my car and eaten me somehow. I'm very thankful that was not the case. I might be talking about this bear for a while. I still can't get over it.

Ok, so not sure why I forgot to take more pictures than this one on the last day, but here are my friends Jenni, Misty and Jessica. We were on the planning committee and it was fun to spend time with them that weekend.

Actually one of my favorite things about the weekend was having coffee with my NYC friend Pam! She was home for the weekend so we met at a coffee shop to catch up, and for me to get my NYC "fix". I can't tell you how wonderful it is to catch up with good friends!!

I think I was talking to Al, so I was on the phone and driving when I took this picture. I didn't get as many of the fall colors as I'd liked, but this gives you an idea of my beautiful drive home.


Dorothy said...

Still can't believe about the bear, guess it goes with your nickname: care bear. Glad he decided to stroll right on bye!

PamCakes said...

I LOVED seeing you :)