Saturday, September 10, 2011

I love today

Saturdays are my favorite! It's the day I catch up on sleep, errands and spend a lot of time cooking/baking. Today I'm making Iced Pumpkin Cookies! I already have a chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot (thanks, Al!) for tonight's dinner. Andrew will watch football in a few hours and life is good.

Last night we went to the Greek Festival here in Charlotte with our friends the Lowders. I LOVE Greek food. We also ran into a couple from church who was there with their 5 day old baby! And we even left before they did! It's cool to see that life doesn't have to "end" when you have a baby.
Oh and I also love being married! He's so good to me!
Have a beautiful weekend and go USC!


PamCakes said...

Carrie! Do you realize that the print on your curtains is the same as my chair! Love it :)

Sara said...

Cute outfits! We need to schedule our Craft & Crafts Night! :)