Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday Bash

Last night we had MK & Kurt and Jen & Lide over for dinner! We've been meaning to have a triple date for quite some time. I was also really, really excited to make this cake for MK as it's the one her Mama made for her growing up. MK's bday was back in early August but better late than never! Also, Kurt and Lide have the same birthday which is on Thursday.

The birthday trio blowing out the candles.
MK trying the cake!! She said it tasted just like her mom's... wahoo! Also, we had everyone guess the secret cake ingredient. No one guessed it.
(answer: beets!!)
Me & MK. I miss seeing her every day and watching The Golden Girls together. :)

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Dorothy said...

I love MK and so glad you had her over. Never ever have I heard of beets in a cake, sounds interesting!