Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two, Three, and lots of food

Two years ago yesterday I moved from NYC! I was at the grocery store and bought a B&W cookie for the occasion. Also, Kathy happened to call and leave a message, in it she said: "By the way, the Upper East Side says hello"!!!! Ahh, made my day! :)

I missed the actual day, but here's to three years of blogging! Oh how I sometimes miss being CCC in NYC. :)

Lots of food:
It's been a really relaxing weekend! Andrew and I went to Common Market on Friday night but it was packed so we got our sandwiches to go and went to the top of the windy Target parking deck. The cool, crisp air and awesome view took my breath away. We then got drinks at a ridiculously expensive wine bar but we won't be going back there.

Saturday was for football, long walks and Smitten Kitchen! If you haven't been to her site, go!

I made her Apple and Honey Challah Bread which was tasty (although I think I'll leave out the apples next time...). Wishing Mirabelle could come over for a slice & some tea! :)
Then I made the Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar. It was good but the soup turned out to be more like a marinara. (p.s. Allison made these placemats and gave them to us for a wedding present!)
Have a beautiful week!


leeanne said...

AH i saw those tomato soup/cheddar things this weekend and they looked SO good! i need to make them sometime soon!...

nyc misses you!

Tails from the City said...

Send me all of these recipes!! xoxo