Sunday, October 23, 2011

The last few weeks {and lot of pictures}

Here's what we've been up to:

The Hamilton Lake girls back in 2001.
(picture taken from Allison's blog)

Hamilton Lake girls in 2011.
We had a girls weekend a couple weeks ago in Sparta, NC!! These are my oldest friends and I love them dearly. Oh and we went to a corn maze in the country.
It was the most relaxing weekend! Thank you so much, Mich!!
Me & Al.

The next weekend that Ginna girl came to Charlotte with Nascar tickets {which she got through work}! Wahoo! It was our first Nascar race and I know Kathy is proud of me. You can tell we're pumped up! Oh, and when Ginna was waiting for us, someone told her she was too dressed up for a Nascar race. It was true. Race shirts, jeans and old tennis shoes seemed to be in vogue.
It was quite loud so we had to get earplugs.
I was amazed at how fast the cars went around the track. {duh, I know... but really, they went real fast}
Jeff informed Ginna that this is the world's largest HD television!!!
This was fun!
We also got a tour of the pits.
Crazy how close you could get to the cars and drivers!
What a fun night... thanks Gin!
The next day Ginna and I enjoyed a walk to Brueggers Bagel and tried a bagel a client of hers {who lives in NYC and ate this in NYC} said was the best breakfast she'd ever had: an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese and bacon. Let's just say that it's probably much better in NYC.

Later that afternoon, Andrew and I went hiking at Crowders Mountain with our friends Beau & Jessica.
The weather was perfect!
There's the Queen City in the distance.
I love fall!
Later that night we went to our friend Will's bonfire birthday party and ate yummy s'mores!
Last Sunday we went to Greenville to meet Demelza, one of Andrew's friends and a missionary we support in England.
Then had a relaxing dinner with some of Andrew's family along with beautiful music by Presley.
This past Friday night I went to a shower for my friend Katie {center} who is getting married in two weeks! Here she is with the shower hostesses.
Everyone at the party!
Me & Katie.
Last night we threw a shower for a friend of ours who is getting married in December. His fiance is living in Brazil so we Skyped her in. Definitely a first to have one of the guests of honor join us via Skype.
I always have a hard time finding appetizers even though I've made so many over the years. I ended up making Smitten Kitchen's cheese straws and her brownies, also had toasted salami with a dip on top and then a bean dip with chips.
Being silly. Oh and I love the bunny ears on Luke!

So, yeah, that's about it.

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