Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh my gosh.

Ok, so our neighbors are unbelievably awesome. He's the head chef at Good Food on Montford {a really good restaurant here in Charlotte and right down the road} and she's a waitress there. Um, yeah. We had planned a week ago to walk up to Yoforia for frozen yogurt but she texted me in the afternoon wanting to know if we could come over for dinner.


He and his sous chef/friend made the most beautiful, flavorful dishes throughout the night. It was an 8 course meal {I forgot to take a picture of the foie gras appetizer} for 7 people. Oh my gosh, so yummy and to them, it was no big deal. Oh and they told me that Claire Danes had been to the restaurant the night before.

I mean, really. Look at this food:

Their sweet little girl wasn't too sure about the cooked fish {baked in a salt crust}.

It was unbelievable and soo much better than frozen yogurt.

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Allison Parker said...

whoa. that looks amazing!