Friday, August 17, 2012

Life lately

It's a Friday night and I'm just so happy to be at home. 

Here's what we've been up to lately...

Olympic watching these last few weeks. I'm so impressed with their athleticism. Gold medal cookies.

A few weeks ago I went to see Michelle & Reagan! Oh what a little love!! Mich is such a good mama.

We visited and had some good laughs over lunch.

I held the little Rea most of the afternoon. I loved it.

Ginna came for a night last week and we celebrated our NEW JOBS (more on that later)!

Last Saturday I drove up to PA with my Mother-in-law to get these fun kiddos.

It was a long but beautiful drive.

Maybe 11pm at a gas station with 4 hours to go. Do you see the coffee?

Bedtime stories with Uncle Andrew. So sweet.

This past week I was busy with the shredder. 

Yesterday was such a fun day surprising Lucy at work, having a yummy Greek lunch with my Dad!, hanging out with Katie, Alden & Blythe, then heading to Raleigh to see Gin, Jeff & Reynolds. (Hope you're feeling better, E!!)

That cute Ginna girl.

Last night I spent the night with Lu! Bebe's (Phoebe) enjoyed my water. Animals are so entertaining.

This morning I met Lorrina & Margot for coffee at Dean & Deluca. She is just the cutest, has such poise and style for a 6 year old, and it was wonderful to catch up with them!

Happy Weekend! 


Dorothy said...

What fun!

Sara said...

Your hair is so cute! love it