Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekend in Atlanta

This past weekend we went down to Atlanta to spend time with family & friends.

Chloe's 4th birthday celebration! 

The theme was princess & Barbie. While I usually like to buy useful gifts like books, I found myself going crazy at the Dollar Store buying a handful of Disney princess items. 
{Which was really, really fun!}

I love that Maggie is dancing in the background with her American Girl doll.

Andrew and Charlie

Had to capture Andrew drinking out of a Barbie cup.

Caroline made the Barbie cake and apparently it's so easy if you use the Pampered Chef bowl and then flip it upside down. Who knew?

Maybe my favorite moment as Mr. Charlie fell asleep in my arms right after this. 

Around dinnertime we went to see the Parkers!

Al makes the best fruit tea.

Toby was having a slumber party with one of his friends.

Me & Al. She made the most wonderful shrimp & grits for dinner.

Then we decided while watching the Olympics that we needed a baking project. :)

The next morning was Charlie's baby dedication at their church.

Group shot

Oh you know...

What a fun weekend it was! Thanks, Dales & Parkers.

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Allison Parker said...

yay! it was so fun having you guys over! wish we could do it more often. i loved our "tipsy cookies" :) btw, they were better the next day when they were more solid.