Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day One

Happy New Year!

Ok, so oops on not blogging for a long while.

Anyway, we got Rozzie! Praise the Lord! We are so, so thankful!!

It's been a really good first day of 2013. Andrew surprised me with breakfast. I'm convinced that true love is picking out all the seeds of pomegranates for someone else.

I also did a craft project today. I got this idea on Pinterest, for when we moved back in November, to stack styrofoam plates between our dinner plates to help cushion them in the move. I have so many after unpacking that I whipped out my circle cutter and then sewed a garland together {in the last picture below}. It didn't take too long to make. I put it up for the party we had tonight and I'll bring it in to preschool tomorrow. 

  Al, B, & Toby stopped by Charlotte for a quick visit! It was
 so good to see them!!

Tonight we had an appetizer party for our friends in the 'Hood. It made me so happy to "break in" Rozzie with food, friends, and little ones running around. 
We are so thankful!

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Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister said...

Happy New Year! :) I have to agree with you about the pomegranates. Definitely an act of love. <3