Thursday, September 18, 2008

The beginning of a beautiful internet friendship

Well I'm not quite sure what to write about. I know a handful of people who already know about this blog but I'm sure as time goes on more and more people will find it. Not because it will be a super awesome and amazing blog (oh but it will!) but because in my blogging experience you tend to drift from one blog to the next. A little networking action there. But it is kinda weird to think that complete strangers will be up to speed on my life. Hmm..

Well, I'd like to go ahead and assume that we already have a relationship, blog world. I'd rather not introduce myself and go into my favorite color and all that. So, like Meg Ryan says in You've Got Mail, she'd rather talk to Tom Hanks as if they're already long time friends. That's what we'll do, k?

Yesterday, I came home after work and made a little dinner... I've sorta been in a "cooking rut", maybe it's because NYC is so dang hot in the summer and with the oven on it's almost unbearable in our kitchen. But I am mourning the end of summer. Even though most people peace out and head to any big body of water, preferably for them, the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard, I like the quietness of the City in the Summer. The UES streets are empty, grocers sit around and chit chat, people gather at the ice cream trucks... it's just peaceful. However the tourists do come and my patience is challenged/strengthened as I remember this is a great City and there are tall buildings to look at and pictures to be taken and maps to look at even though I am super late for work. (I know, I know... it's my own fault I slept in late and now I'm running late and there are foreigners all around me but ahhhhh, people pick up your feet). So back to the peaceful part. I do love the Summer but am greatly anticipating the Fall. I love the feeling of Fall- how it's time for pumpkins and chili and football (even though I am a basketball girl, I really tried to get into it and as in tried I mean turned on a game and watched for 5 minutes and read an article about Brady and afterward sent an email of condolence to my friend who is a HUGE Patriots fan and I just know he was weeping at his desk. But I tried to be as passionate and, nope... it's not in my blood. Or maybe watching it on tv is not my thing, but sure I'll go to a game and scream and cheer.)

So Fall, it's just a wonderful time and I especially love that Thanksgiving is coming soon because it is one of my favorite holidays as it is all about family being together and making food.. yes getting in your kitchen and reading recipes and concocting amazing dishes and NOT picking up something from the drive-thru or warming something out of the freezer (sure I've been there!). But yes, a homemade dinner can be done. It takes lots of time and energy and preparation (and money, too) but I know it can be done because I was a nanny with two little boys and I made dinner most every night incorporating all food groups in the pyramid. Boo-ya. Those were good times. My Dad says we're always living in "the good 'ol days".


So last night I came home made a little dinner and then went out to celebrate my sweet friend, Maggie's birthday!! We all met at this cute little place: Cooper 35. Drinks were $4 and food was around the same price. Amazing. I couldn't believe it. Like a jewel in the rough. I can't wait to take Gin & Al there when they come in a month. It was so fun to hang out with friends, to laugh over this and that like we've been friends for years. But, as I am the party pooper and it being on a "school night", I had to leave my new favorite gem at 11:15pm to catch the subway to make it home in time before Midnight, when I inevitably turn into a pumpkin. All in all, it was a great night and so special to celebrate life and friendship. Here's to many more nights w/ the girls, birthday celebrations and great conversations.


Lucy said...

Love this carrie...
The sweet reminder of You've Got mail really makes me want to watch it right now.

Dont forget pumpkin spice latte's on the list of great things about fall...or is that just me?

Sheila said...

:o) I just watched You've Got Mail again this week.

Lucy said...

Just when I got hooked and started checking this blog 2x a don't write...update, lady! : )

leeanne said...

oooh yay - I'm glad you're over summer and are moving on to fall! :)

your blog is now one of "my blogs" that I check every day!... yay!