Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reason #58940 why I love New York

So my good friend LeeAnne (Hi LA!), loves flowers. Loves them. She hates fake flowers and when she gets married her flower arrangements are going to be of utmost most importance (mine will be the photographer and good stationery). I feel like most people have their one, two things that they are adamant about for their wedding. Hers are definitely the flowers.

Anyways, last week after church, LA & I got gelato from GROM (reason # 58941 why I love NY). We then went and talked on a bench. Among the many things we talked about, she asked if I'd ever been to Tudor City. I'd never heard of it... I'm still learning. I don't think I'll ever stop learning new things about NYC. But Tudor City is on the East Side 40's along the East River and apparently has lots of cute shops. She then went on to tell me about this:

It's a freaking school for how to make flower arrangements!! Unbelievable & amazing all at the same time. She's been wanting to take a class on how to perfect this lost art and since I can't pass that up either, we decided to sign up for one next summer! What a great opportunity to add to the repertoire of skills on how to improve your party/dinner party/wedding/baby shower events. It is a tad bit pricey, as is any kind of unconventional class in NYC, but we'll have all year to save for it. By next summer we'll be professional floral arrangers and will probably, sadly, have florist snobbery when we look at, in disgust & utter dismay, any arrangement of chrysanthemums (yes, I know how to spell chrysanthemum because of Anne of Green Gables, thank you very much) and roses put in the same vase because hopefully our two hour overpriced class will teach us otherwise.

But check back next summer for beautiful floral arrangements made by me & LA!!


Dorothy said...

Learning the art and skill of flower arranging is a skill I've always wanted to learn. I think Memo and Awah could have taught it. Whenever I arranged something she would come behind me and redo it. I've got a deal...what if on our farm I grow the flowers and you arrange them? I'm proud of you learning these about learning to make bows?

Allison said...

i like it carrie. i support your decision to learn to make flower arrangements... and then you can pass on your knowledge to ME! :)

leeanne said...

holla! - (haha.... totally stealing your word, Carrie) so excited to see our little summer of '09 goal documented so now we have to follow through... :)