Friday, September 26, 2008

This & That

Happy rainy day, to all you New Yorkers! And let me just clarify that even though I live in NYC, I am not a New Yorker. I think my friends & I agreed that you have to have lived here for 10-15 years to officially be a "New Yorker". We'll see if I'm here long enough to claim that title. (But probably not, Mom! No worries! I'll fly back home one of these days and stay for good! :) ) But for now, I am a proud Southerner! Although, recently it has been brought to my attention that my friends from Alabama (who are living up here in NYC) claim that North Carolina isn't the "South". Well, I will agree that NC it isn't Deep South, but by golly, I'm from the South!

This morning I had to ride the subway to work because it was raining and I didn't want to walk an hour in the rain, duh. Needless to say it was everything I expect of the subways and more in the early mornings. So on my way in the underground tunnels, I pass by a lady who is always stationed in this one spot, and has her iPod in and is belting out songs that are way out of tune. It is true that I cannot sing, but most of the time I can recognize when someone is off key and she was & most always is. But I'll give her credit for the way she is such a faithful and constant presence in the subway and takes her job to sing to morning commuters quite seriously. So, I keep walking and what? What is that noise? Ohh, no. Oh no they're not! Yes! They're there!

There is a little platform in b/t the shuttle from GCS to TSquare where people can perform and lo and behold my favorite Hillbilly band is just strumming away!! Oh it made my day. A group of 4 old guys on their banjo, washboard and geetar singin old folk songs. They come once a month to perform and for what it's worth, I'm now thankful for the rain that made me take the subway that gave me the chance to see them. What a great start to the morning.

So what else is new.... hmm. Grey's was new last night and didn't quite live up to it's 2nd Season awesomeness. Not sure if I'll continue to watch. My roommates & I have quite the long list of tv shows to watch already. Oh, DVR, what would we do without you?

Well, the weekend is here at last! I hope it will be relaxing because October is going to crush me as I'll be out of town 3 weekends in a row. I also need to do the dreaded purging of clothes and switch out summer to fall. I'm cutting it close with these late summer dresses. New York has already packed up their bright & vibrant colors and adorned their closets with black & grey. Guess I should do the same.

Have a wonderful weekend! C3


Dorothy said...

I feel relieved that the "south" still has a pull on your heart and "NC" is in your future. Love you bunches. Keep writing!

leeanne said...

I still consider NC the south, just not the deep south... - if there's sweet tea there, it's the south in my book! :)