Monday, September 29, 2008

A couple of things...

Just two. Just two things you should know about me:

1. I hate lotion. Eeek, ew, slimy, gross. I've never liked it. I'd rather burn than wear sunscreen (and did during Memorial Day Burn Fest 2008... ouch). In the winter, look out... it's rough. Literally. But..... now that it's Fall, I thought, I too, would "turn over a new leaf". I'm going to try. Perhaps it's all of the many, many lotions I have tried that leave my skin feeling greasy and gross... but maybe I need to keep trying til I find something I like. We'll see. Oh and this also goes for lipgloss/lipstick. I have this thing about wearing it and then my hair getting stuck on it and then my hair is all glossy and sticky. I try to avoid that at all costs. I only wear stuff on my lips when it's a super special occasion or when my hair is in a bun or something.

2. I hate uncomfortable shoes. I have no tolerance for small/tight/blistery shoes. Once I find a good pair of shoes, I'll wear them into the ground. I have too many shoes, but only really wear a select few. I've learned not to buy shoes for the summer as I tend to just wear flip flops. But not just any flip flop. The past two summer's I bought this pair of AT Loft flip flops - it was like walking on a cloud. I wore them every day when I was a nanny. Wherever my feet went, they were right there with me. I remember the exact day when each pair broke. Once was in November '06 when Lucy came to visit the next was another pair in Summer '07 when I was outside playing w/ my boys, kicking a ball and the strap fell off. Noooo!! After that I bought a pair of Reefs and ever since have been so happy on Cloud 9.

Shoes are important in New York. You walk everywhere. Everywhere. Need to go to the grocery store? You're walking there (and back with your 20lb bag of flour). Need to visit a friend? You're walking there (and up to their 7th floor walk-up apt). Need to get from work to ten blocks North on a rainy day with no bus in sight and no available cab? Oh yeah, get out your umbrella cause you're walking.

I can appreciate good shoes. New York is full of women in beautiful, designer, & expensive shoes. Sure, I'd love a pair of Jimmy Choos-I am saving up for them and will buy them one of these days (when the economy is waaay better)... but given the option, I'm going with the most comfortable pair... which just might be my flip flops. And I'm ok with that.

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