Sunday, March 1, 2009


Done! I'm done! I win! I'm finished. Buh-bye Uncle Sam, see you next year. C'mon April 15th. I'm ready. Cause I'm done.

If there is one thing that makes my blood boil and causes me to cuss and cry like a crazy person, it's taxes. Mainly because I have had such a bad experience (ie: last year) and ever since then I carefully examine any "move" that would cause that disaster to happen again and AVOID it at all costs. Seriously. I hate taxes. Don't get me wrong, I understand I have to pay and "don't mind" paying taxes. But- I'd rather have it taken out each paycheck than to tear out a check and write a little IOU to Uncle Sam come April. Gah!

But, my friends, not this year. Thanks to Turbo Tax and it's awesomeness, I'm done.

I called to tell my Dad (this being one of those go-to Dad things) and told him the great news that I've filed and can check that off my list. He, of course, was proud that I had done it all on my own but then said "Now go read Romans 13."

Did I mention that my Dad is awesome?

Did I also mention that my Dad's birthday is in 6 days?!!

And, finally, did I mention that I'M DONE!!

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Miriam said...

Yeah, Carrie. I'd say you paid enough last year to last you a lifetime. But, Marshall was right, "a wise man is honest in all he does!"

I'm so glad that is behind you this year!