Sunday, March 8, 2009

LA Style

So my friend LeeAnne shares my passion for stationery and also loves making handmade cards. She mailed me a card for my birthday and it is the cutest card I've ever seen! I loved it so much that I had to have it framed. Gosh, I just think it's the best thing ever. Way to go LA! I'm not sure where I'll hang it, perhaps in the kitchen. But I think it's darling. :D

(I think the part on the bottom of the frame is my reflection from taking the picture. Also, be sure to click on the pic to get a close up. Thanks again, LA!)


Allison said...

i love it in the frame. i'm glad you finally found one!

leeanne said...

Carrie, you make me feel so good about my card-making abilities! Glad you liked it...and HAPPY BDAY again! :)

Michelle R. said...

adorable! they should sell these cards AT Darling...because they so are!