Sunday, March 29, 2009

Me & Airports

It was December 2007 and I got up super early for my super early flight. Bags packed, trash taken out, Christmas presents in tote- good to go. Hailed a cab, no prob. Cabs are easy to come by at 5am. JFK, please. I'm half asleep as he pulls into JFK. Go to the check-in. Type in conf number. "I'm sorry there's no flight for this number". WHAT? Look at the printed itinerary... dang. LaGuardia. No time to think.

Run outside. Hail a cab, "LAG as fast as you can!". I get there and have 40 mins til my flight took off but amongst the mile long line of everyone else who wanted to get out of NYC and somewhere else, he flight ppl said it was too late for me to make it to my flight. Next one was three days later. No way. Tears. Call my Dad who books a train from Penn to DC. I get in another cab, "Penn Station as fast as you can!" I get on the train to DC. My wonderful Dad drove from NC to DC (6 hour trip) to pick me up. Merry Christmas!

Well. Last week I booked a flight for this weekend because I wanted to be home w/ my Mama cause we just found out she has breast cancer and Lulu's birthday was yest. I book the flight for the last weekend of the month. On Friday I'm at work and go to check on my flight. "You need at least 24 hours before your flight..." WHAT? I look closely at my printed itinerary... dang. I booked for the last weekend in April, not March. Gah!

Frantic, I call bff Allison who saves the day and finds a relatively cheap last minute flight w/ the same times, but arrives in Raleigh. I book it and come home and have a wonderful weekend w/ all. Then tonight my flight is out of Raleigh and my Dad drives me down. I say goodbye in the midst of shining sun and blue skies. Go to check in and oh yeah, my flight is CANCELLED. Something to do w/ the weather in NYC but I call roomie and she says it's sunny. WHAT? Anyways, I finally get to the Delta rep and after many options, she books me for a flight tomorrow morning at 6am. Whew, I can get to work on time.

But... the only thing is, the flight's out of Greensboro. So, I call my Dad- who is almost to Greensboro at this point and bless his heart, he comes allll the way back to pick me up.

That, friends, is my experience w/ airports. But at least I have one more night w/ the fam! :D


Allison said...

oh carrie. i feel for you, really i do. i know that panic voice you have all too well.

you shouldn't forget january of 2006- becca's wedding. you were flying in from NY and i was flying in from FL. we coincidentally had the same connecting flight to NC in Atlanta. we met up at the gate for our flight to NC so happy to see each other and flipping out that our seat assignments were even NEXT to each other, when all of a sudden, you realized that you left your BRIDESMAID'S dress on the plane from your last flight! without any warning at all, you BOLTED off to your previous gate, leaving ALL of your belongings behind with me including your CELL PHONE! i was left with a crowd of gasping people around me, asking what in the world happened?? i told them you left your dress on the last plane and we all sat together, waiting, worrying, HOPING... you finally returned, dress in hand. i was so relieved- so were the people around me.

oh airports... i'm so sorry. maybe you should drive down w/ ginna for my wedding! :) have fun tonight w/ the fam!

Carrie said...

Oh Al, that is a good one!! What a fun flight after that drama, though!

Erin said...

Carrie, I can't tell you how sad I am that you didn't call me last night. I live 10 minutes from RDU :(

Sheila said...

Remind me never to fly with you!