Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blast from the past

A couple weekends ago I drove home to Greensboro and planned on driving to Raleigh to visit Pamela (who was in town from NYC!), the Schawels, and a couple other friends. But I must've been living under a rock that week because I had NO IDEA it was going to snow until the first snowflake fell. So, I drove to GSO going 25mph on the snow-covered highway with all the Southern drivers.

Anyway, I didn't make it to Raleigh, but I did get to hang out with my parents. And the next morning as I headed back to Charlotte, I saw this when my Mom was organizing pictures. I took a picture and knew I had to blog it...

Lucy, Ginna & Carrie circa who knows when!

and look at those bows!


Allison said...

i remember those faces!

ginna said...

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow, perhaps I should recreate those bangs?? ;)