Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was at church this morning telling someone that I had to work this afternoon when it hit me: I can't remember a day since the cruise that I haven't worked. That probably isn't good. I do love to work and perhaps I'm just making up for lost time after losing my job last year, but a girl needs a break!

I often find my "break" in the kitchen. As much as I would love to turn this into a food blog with amazing pictures and delicious recipe posts, I don't have the time and you know, a girl also has to watch her figure. I don't have 7 hungry doormen around either to eat my baked goods so I can't be making cookies all the time, yo.

But, I do want to share a few great recipes I've found:

1. Banana Chocolate Chip Bars - are you tired of making banana bread out of your brown bananas? Try this! I made these this past week and they're really tasty!

2. Ok, I hope you're ready for this next recipe... it's that good. I debated on whether to share it or not just because this is going in my dinner party rotation for when I will host future dinner parties and think it should be a lovely culinary surprise to those invited as it was to me when I had it a couple weeks ago. Oh my gosh. Even though I was at a dinner in South Charlotte, I thought I had time traveled to one of the nicest restaurants in NYC. I'm sure it takes a while to prepare, but I'm still talking about it, so go for it if you want to impress your guests.

3. When I used to live on Long Island, I found a quaint little bookstore in Huntington. I bought a couple cookbooks from there that have turned favorites, including this one. Tonight I made blt's on ciabatta bread with a basil mayonnaise and had a romaine, pear, toasted walnuts, shaved parm salad on the side... all recipes found in the cookbook. The roomies, our friend Erin & I all ate around our new kitchen table telling fun stories with the Olympics in the background. And after a warm day like today, we're itching for Spring.

So there are a few recipes to try out!


Suz said...

mmmm those banana chocolate chip bars look amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

One of my most favorite meals in the world was a squash ravioli with sage butter sauce... I'll have to try the one that is similiar. Sounds yummy!