Thursday, February 4, 2010

Put some South in 'yo mouth

I had an interview yesterday at Levine Children's Hospital to become a volunteer. After a lengthy application process, references, background check and scheduling a time for the interview, I am happy to report that I will soon be volunteering in the Child Life department at LCH! But as I was walking out of the house yesterday in my heels, casual suit and interview mindset, I couldn't help but think of Jose.

Who is Jose, you ask? Oh that would be the blessed man who fed me at Lexington Grill on the UES. Often before an interview in NYC, I would leave early, pick up a NYT and eat a hearty breakfast of two eggs and cheese on a roll with s&p. So this morning, I remembered that I still had cream in the fridge from when Kathy was here a month ago. I had all intentions of giving her a good 'ol Southern breakfast of cream biscuits, eggs, grits (ok, grits might've been too much South for my Yankee friend who's never had them), and cranberry juice, her favorite. However, IKEA happened that Sunday morning and their ever popular and raved about cinnamon buns trumped a kitchen dusted in flour.

This morning I put the cream to use. Even though the date read 'February 2', that didn't stop me (although it usually does). I made these biscuits and had to add a little of MK's coffee creamer to make them extra creamy and boy are they good! Deb over there at Smitten Kitchen knows her stuff and I stalk her blog like it's my job. I made a biscuit sandwich with one egg and smoked gouda cheese. Try it!

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Erin said...

It doesn't get any cuter than you Carrie!