Friday, June 10, 2011

It's about time...

...for a party at my house...

While my lovely wife continues to be away from the proverbial keyboard, I thought I'd sneak in a second guest post.

First things first. I was instructed to explain a couple of peculiarities regarding the way I blog. The first being that I intro every post with a song lyric, usually whatever's stuck in my head or what I'm currently listening to. Second, I always end my blog posts with "Crazy kids and their crazy (fill in the blank)". These are quirks carried over from my previous blog. In case you were wondering, that's what those starting/ending things from my previous guest post were. Old habits die hard, and these are pretty well ingrained.

In other news, Carrie told me on I believe Tuesday that she was taking me on a surprise date on Thursday. Now, usually, one doesn't tell the intended target of a surprise about the surprise, but we'll let that slide. The activities of said date were indeed a surprise, especially since she rushed home after babysitting and we wolfed down a quick dinner of quesadillas and salad and decamped for parts unknown in the space of 30 minutes or so.

Once we were underway, she told me that our date was to drop off some recycled engine oil at Autozone. I saw through this pretty quickly, and surmised our approximate destination, Carolina Place Mall in Pineville. Initially, I guessed we were going to see a movie there, but when she demurred on that option, the only thing I could come up with was that we were going to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up something she had ordered earlier in the week. She's quite the actor, because she had me convinced I'd gotten it right at this point. Then, once we got to the mall, after driving by BBB, we did indeed end up at the movie theater, where she revealed that we were going to see Fast Five, the aptly named fifth film in the unlikely street racing saga. She even had popcorn and Skittles. And great fun was had by all, though we've established once and for all that action movies are my forte, not hers.

The movie itself was probably the best in the series, though that admittedly is based on a very low standard. Being the avid F&F fan that I am, I caught all the little references to past films and goofy quirks only obvious to the observant and well-studied viewer, and, yes, I did enjoy the Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson dust-up about half-way through. Overall, I give the movie two thumbs up for being a fun, summer action flick, and I learned some valuable lessons along the way, namely, that the best way to clean up corruption in law enforcement is to lead a troop of corrupt cops on an absolutely ridiculous car chase across town, preferably while dragging a large hunk of steel behind you.

Crazy kids and their crazy furiouser car rides!


Dorothy said...

AD, I welcome your blogs especially since CCC has been on blog vacation, it seems. Her blog readers do enjoy pictures so we would enjoy that next time you blog! Love to you both.

AD said...

Noted, though I confess she's the shutterbug in this relationship, so I'll have to rely on her for photography.