Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend in Greenville

We had a lovely weekend in Greenville with Andrew's family. They threw us a wedding reception having inviting a lot of their friends since we had such a small wedding and couldn't invite a ton of people.

We enjoyed hanging out with our nieces and nephews. They put on fabulous plays!
Me & AD in front of the spread. Yummy cupcakes. (and yes, I'm wearing the same outfit that's in the previous post.)
Caroline and I made a million cupcakes and spend hours on Saturday decorating them.
Chloe with a cupcake. :)
Ahh, my parents came!!
Caroline, me, Andrew & Pete
Peter & Andrew with the kiddos.
Adorable Souley with Grandpa's hat.
On Sunday we went for a trolley ride in downtown Greenville.

Yay for a fun time with family!

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