Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tonight's dinner

I can't remember the last time I posted a picture of food or something I've made but you have to try this.

Homemade focaccia + caramelized onions + thin apple slices (I used granny smith) + sliced mozzarella cheese + thin turkey deli meat + the world's most amazing basil mayonnaise on a panini press* = AMAZING!

Our philosophy when it comes to dinner is to eat our typical go-to cheap meals: beans and rice or some kind of pasta. We typically go vegetarian just because we both enjoy meatless meals and it's relatively inexpensive. I'll mix it up every now and then, like tonight or when we have guests over. I spent a lot of time on this meal but it was well worth it.

*This is one of our favorite wedding gifts! We didn't register for it but our friends who got married about a month before us gave it to us and we love it!

I would also like to clarify for the picture below that this was posted by Andrew and we DID NOT smear cake on our faces. He was reminded for 3 months leading up to the wedding that there would be no smearing whatsoever. :)

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