Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life lately and the longest day of the year!

Oops! Sorry it's been a long time since I've posted anything. I blame it on marital bliss, oh and the fact that my computer screen went blank and I've yet to do the whole backup hard drive however that works blah. Computers stress me out. Thankfully Andrew is letting me use his computer and just this morning I uploaded a ton of pictures and will now share for your enjoyment. I'll let most of them do the "talking".

Happy Summer!!!

The Parkers and Neels came up for Memorial Day Weekend! They were our first overnight guests and we had so much fun!
We've also enjoyed spending time with Andrew's niece and nephews as they've been staying with Andrew's parents some this summer. Upon having them over, I quickly learned that our apartment is not kid-friendly. So when the kids asked for juice, yikes! we don't have juice!... I squeezed all the lemons and limes we had, made a simple syrup and voila! lemonade.
I got to visit with my college friend, Kate and her adorable little Rush.
We've been enjoying wedding presents, like this vacuum pot coffee maker. Andrew LOVES it. I have yet to figure out how it works, but it is pretty entertaining.
Summertime means parties! We went to a goodbye party for our friend Lauren this past weekend. Here are some of my Charlotte friends: Katie and Laura (and Bryan cheesing it up in the background).
My love and I.
Lauren! Soon to be leaving for Morocco!
This past weekend Ginna, Lucy and I traveled home to celebrate my Dad! We surprised him with a porch swing! It was a blast to be home and with the "original five". I adore my family and we just have the best time together.
Yay Dad!
Haha, Gin, Lu & I had a sister date that night when we went into Greensboro for dinner and frozen yogurt. This picture cracks me up every time I look at it. Sorry, Ginna. It's just too cute!
Today is the first day of summer which means it's the longest day of the year!!!! It's my favorite!!! And always has been!
Andrew and I have a double date tonight so we wouldn't be able to watch the sunset. Last night we went to get Yoforia at the mall and then went to the top of a parking deck to watch the sunset on the second longest day of the year.
It was so pretty and fun to start traditions with him. :)

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