Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thoughts on the longest day of the year

I have to say that when the Summer Solstice comes around it is always so bittersweet for me. I'm always sad that the days start getting darker. It really is something my internal clock thinks about. But not this year, I think everyone in this house is READY for the end of summer. We don't want to wish these days away, but for at least mom & me, our life is put on hold for chemo. We often say 'another day is over!' or 'it's almost July!' things like that to keep her motivated to face one more chemo or one more crappy day.

I'm living in the present and enjoying the days, but it will be oh so good to resume to normal life in the fall! And I know someone else who is always ready for fall: LA! :)

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leeanne said...

AHHH - yes.... you know me, carrie! i am already ready for fall! - in fact, i was actually just thinking tonight that i'm glad the summer solstice is over because now the days start getting shorter... which means beautiful fall is coming!!! i would like to just skip over august, thank you!...