Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I made a quilt!

Here it is! My GP Reject quilt!

The story behind the quilt: my roomie was an interior designer for a famous celebrity w/ the initials GP. I'll let you figure that out. Anyway, after roomie showed GP all of the fabric samples for drapes, curtains, etc, she had these unwanted & rejected samples and gave them to me. I then started to hand sew the first few patches earlier in the year and would pick it up every now & then. And since I've been home & have so much free time, my Mom & I have been working on it.

Making a quilt is hard, time consuming & requires much patience. I don't usually have that much patience as I like quick projects where you can see your work immediately. When I was frazzled, up to my elbows in pins, needles & batting, my Mom quickly reminded me how one goes about eating an elephant.

The quilt is not quite done yet- I might want to add a few buttons on the corners where my impatience is visibly noticeable and also to help bind the whole thing together. Thanks roomie, GP & Mom!


ginna said...

CARRIE! I love it! It's so beautiful. I know that GP would be so proud too. :) BRAVO!

Tails from the City said...

That's so cool, Carrie! Good for you!

Allison said...

Yay! I love it!

Suzanne said...

I am sad I can't figure out who GP is. Email me? =)

Perryn said...

ahhh I love it! and love that you finished it :)