Friday, June 5, 2009

Hamilton Lake Girls

Well guess what I found: old pics & a scanner! It's my new favorite thing to scan pictures of yore, so be prepared. I love these pics, though. We had some good times!

On our way to 1st grade? Al, Alison, me & Becca.

Al & I before we left for Jamaica, where she would meet Brian!

The CA gang hangin out!

Just one of our many sleepovers!

Who knows...

Thanksgiving in the Meadow

My freshman year at App

Al graduates!


Allison said...

wow. in the first pic, i was actually going to my first day of kindergarten- you guys were going to 1st. and yes, my mother smocked that dress with a school house on it for my 1st day.

Tails from the City said...

Allison, that dress is amazing. Smocking is such a lost art form. Adorable pics, Carrie!

mellamovaca said...

carrie, you're making me emotional ;) i leave for seven weeks tomorrow so i'm not in the best emotional state... and you keep posting these pictures that really make me want to go home not south america! hope you're having a good day though. :)

Tracey said...

carrie - i love these pictures! :) hope you are doing great!!