Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Check it out

In my (lots of) spare time, I have happened upon a couple of blogs that have me fascinated. If you'd like, check them out:

Matt, Liz & Madeline
Is a blog about a man whose wife went into labor and delivered their precious little girl only to die 27 hours later. He writes about his grief and also parenting Madeline. Get your tissues, seriously.

Wow, I spent probably an hour reading this blog written by a family in Maine who pretty much live a simple lifestyle. They sew, make, bake, create and so much more. I am very impressed. Mom of the year, right here.


catherine.marie said...

care, i just started reading your blog and wanted you to know. love you!

Tails from the City said...


Thanks for these links. I LOVE reading other blogs and sad ones always get to me.