Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Future thoughts

It's Tuesday, and thankfully it's been a wonderful day for Mom. The beginning of the week is usually when she gets hit the hardest w/ the effects of chemo from Friday and is in the valley both physically & emotionally. But this week has been a little better! My whole outlook has been very positive. I have no doubt that this will all be over and we can move on. I so very much appreciate those who also share this view.

I am still weighing the option of North Carolina and New York. It's funny cause every time I talk w/ Ginna she asks, "Is it NC or NYC today?" :) I LOVE being home, I LOVE my family and spending a ton of time w/ them but I don't necessarily feel connected to NC. I often find myself thinking about New York and my friends there. The grass is always greener, so they say, but I don't feel convinced that my time is up, up there. I think one thing that's been impressed upon my heart is serving the City. I don't think I did a good job of that in the past few years, which is one thing I felt called to do in the very beginning (more on that later). So there's the vision of going back w/ a servant's heart and getting more involved in different ministries and community projects.

I do feel torn, though. I made a life up there but I love my family so dearly and have enjoyed spending so much time with them. It really is very special to hang out, eat dinner & do every day activities together. I'm going to continue to pray & think about next steps. But I will close this blurb by saying that this morning I was washing dishes and it dawned on me how I really, really, really want to have the 3rd annual Thanksgiving dinner at my apt w/ friends. I know, it's crazy to already start to think about that in June!, but it really is one of my favorite things. Plus I love to maintain traditions.

Speaking of family, today I went to my godson's second grade promotion. Brooks is my cousins son, and he is 100% boy. I love this picture of us because you can tell he is just too cool for his fairy godmother. I am proud of you, Brooksie!


leeanne said...

i would really like it if i could attend a third annual thanksgiving friends dinner.... just sayin'

Maggie said...

i'm going to second LA on that :)