Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 {so far}

Hello there! Wow, I am ridiculously happy today. We don't have school and it was absolutely glorious to sleep in past 5am. Andrew surprised me with a tray of coffee:
And he went out to Starbucks to get a NYT for me to read!
What a guy.
I'm still debating on my $4 purchase from Goodwill (hanging on the right). I saw it and loved it. We don't have much wall space in the apt, and it's a bit big for that wall. but not sure, though, if it looks a little granny-ish? Kathy, help!!
Andrew is working from home today so we went out to TOAST for brunch. They opened their new restaurant in Dilworth and the atmosphere was energetic with yummy food. So far the coolest thing we've done today was to tip our waiter $11 on 11.11.11!! So fun!


Dorothy said...

Wow, what a neat tip!

Katherine Bragg said...

haha :) i'm just now reading this. i like it :) did you keep it?