Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today might be one of my favorite days of the year. Everyone is either off work or finishing up work, people are traveling, and the busiest place in the house is the kitchen! Excitement is in the air. Or at least it was yesterday at school. Here are a few little things that have been happening around here:

The tree in front of our apartment! I missed things like this in NYC.
My failed attempt at black & white cookies. I think I over-mixed the batter. We threw most of them out. Bleh.
A couple weeks ago I got coffee with the family I used to nanny for! I love Mar's TOMS.
Andrew ate a sweet potato every night as a bachelor. I don't like soggy, microwaved sweet potatoes, so all this fall I've been roasting them in the oven, and they are so good.

We're spending Thanksgiving with Andrew's family in Hotlanta {seriously, it is hot in the South! WHY?!?!?}. I'm helping with the menu and will be bringing the food of my ancestors... well, only this oatmeal/apple/cranberry dish my mom has made every year since I was born. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it. I'm also making a yummy looking dessert. There needs to be more chocolate in this holiday. The third thing I'm making is a healthy salad. There should also be one of those in the middle of a carb-loaded holiday.

Hope you have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving! :)

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