Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nate & Kate's wedding

We attended another beautiful wedding yesterday! It was at the Quarry at Carrigan Farms in Mooresville, NC.
There's Nate walking up.
Here comes Kate... beautiful!!
The men.
Yep. Checking the status of the USC game.
Cutting the cake. It was one of the most relaxed weddings we've been to!

I had a momentary thought that Andrew and I should feed each other cake since I'm still missing Ginna and Allison when the cake is served. But that might steal thunder from the happy couple. And it wouldn't be the same. Gah.
It was quite apparent how much Nate and Kate love children. They were surrounded by their nieces and nephews and other merry little ones all day!
Just a few of us...
A pack of camels. Camel coats, that is.
Beautiful fall!
Big picture.
Nate & Kate on their way!

Look at those sweet girls with their beautiful dresses and bows in their hair! After the car pulled away, all the children ran into a field and danced. Oh how happy they were! :)

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