Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Update

We had a really relaxing weekend. Cocktail Club was on Friday and my friend Kristy served apple martinis along with a goat cheese appetizer and these mini apple pies she found on Pinterest. Yum. I also brought this dish, which might be the world's easiest appie to CC and it was a hit. Thanks, MK & K!

Saturday I got up super early for a fabric sale: paid $1 for 4 rolls of fabric. {Nothing I was particularly excited about, though.} Got my hair cut, took a 2 hour nap, read, and then AD and I walked around the mall then came home and made homemade pizza while watching tv. I was pretty much lazy all day and it felt so good.

Yesterday we had Becca & Brian over and then our other ASU friends, including RUSH!!
Babies are so fun. He was all over the place and reminded us that our apartment isn't very baby friendly. It was a great way to end the weekend with dear college friends!
This week: two days of work (!) and then five days off. Wahoo!

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Linz said...

sounds so fun! Wish I could have been there! Merry Christmas to you all!