Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book recommendations

I've been teaching a Kindergarten media class this fall and have fallen in love with books! It is the best feeling to read to attentive children and watch them anxiously await for each page to turn. Books are such a great gift, especially writing a sweet message in the front cover. I still have books from my aunt from 25 years ago.

If you are in need of children's book suggestions, here you go.

I got this book on sale at Anthropologie around the holidays and bought three copies of it {as you know, NYC is near and dear to my heart}. We gave it to my nieces and have a copy on our shelves for our kids. So creative and witty.
I would read this book to my kids on Long Island. NYC babies are so cool as they travel to the MET and yoga classes {as the book mentions}.
I read this book to my Kindergarteners this past fall. The first time I read it one of the boys in the front row burst into tears and couldn't be consoled. Needless to say my next lesson was on fiction vs. non-fiction books. :)
Another really cute book that I loved reading to the kids.
Ok now this book was hilarious! I made Andrew sit at Barnes & Noble with me and read it. Very popular and here's the trailer.
I just love how books create and bring back so many memories. I'm so thankful for this new appreciation for children's literature.

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Melanie said...

Silas and I checked out Shark vs Train from the library once! He loved that book. Thanks for the recommendations!