Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend in Atlanta

We went down to Atlanta yesterday for Craig & Caroline's baby shower for baby Charlie. It was so special to be there as a proud AUNT!
Me and my sister-in-law!
Chloe and Maggie at the shower. :)
Afterwards we went to stay with Al & B!
We drove downtown in B's super cool, new Honda Element.
We went to The Porter where we all had a beer with dinner... the guys impressively ate 1/2 lb. cheeseburger each.
This is how we ended the evening. Kleenex, too, because Al's sick. :(
Oh! But we did get in some good TOBY time!! I think I only love, really love two dogs in the world: TOBY and PETALS!
Al & Toby!
The boys ended up watching a kung-fu* movie {boring!!!} so Al & I laid on their bed with Toby nestled in between. He's such a snuggly dog.
I'll end with this sweet picture. Al is so good at making a house a home. I love going to visit because there are always new touches to the house. When we sat here for breakfast it was so cozy and the perfect winter centerpiece.
*Andrew, can you please correct me if I've misspelled kung-fu? Does it have a dash? I dunno. It doesn't really interest me, and don't really feel like Google-ing it, and also don't even feel like asking you right now even though you're in the same room as me. Yes, I'm lazy. I should also say, Happy ONE YEAR since we got engaged. {I'm so thankful for you!}

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Allison Parker said...

such a sweet post! i looooved having you guys here, and toby loves you too!! he only snuggles with his favorite people. :) i hope andrew's feet recover toby stepping on them! it hurts!!