Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life lately

Feels like a while since I've been here. Last week was such a hard week (just to be honest). Maybe it's wishing for warmer/lighter days, maybe it was being exhausted, or perhaps the fact that we found mold growing on my beloved desk as a result of the Great Flood of 2012, as I like to call it. Bleh. I feel a little lost without a desk but hopefully I'll find "the one"... or at least the next one.

But! This week has been much better! :)

Here's what we've been up to...
Last week we had a date to the Mint Museum!
I love walking through Uptown. It feels a little like NYC.
Beautiful paintings and refreshing colors.

On Sunday I went to my friend Victoria's baby shower. One of the gifts I gave was this dainty onesie from GAP Kids and then had a lady monogram it with the baby's name.

Valentine's day was sweet.
Andrew made this for me!
I also spent almost 4 hours making Valentines for my second graders. :)
I think Valentine's Day is best spent with family. I was thrilled that my Paparoni was in town on business a couple days this week and stayed with us. We had a great dinner with him and one of Andrew's good friends, Tim. I made this but was actually more impressed with this dish that I made on Monday night.

I'll end with the best thing EVER.

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Dorothy said...

Glad your week was better, thanks for taking such good care of Paparoni; he enjoys staying with you guys!