Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh the things kids say

So I thought I'd write a post on funny things kids at school have said to me. Hope you find these as funny as I did... although I know you won't because most of the fun comes from knowing the little personalities that go along with what they say.

Setting: cafeteria (hardest part of my job: keeping 125 2nd graders somewhat quiet and opening stupid GoGurts and impossible-to-open barbeque sauce packets)
Child raises his hand. I go over.
Child: "Mrs. Day, do you want to go out?" *said child and boys around him snicker*
Me: "Oh, I'd love to go outside, but I can't right now."
Child (a couple minutes later): "No, I don't think you understood me. Do you want to go out? Like out on a date?"
Me: "Oh honey that's so sweet. But I'm married."

Setting: 2nd grade classroom. I'm grading papers in the back of the room when a child knocks over a crate with lots of file folders onto the floor, face down.
Another child comes over to pick it up, and I rush over to say:
"No, I'll get it." So I put my hand under the crate, flip it over not having anything fall out.
Child watching: "Mmh, Miss Day's got skiiiilz."
That's right, folks, I have crate flippin skills.

Setting: Computer lab. I'm dismissing a Kindergarten class. Hurrying Child along.
Child: "Wait, Mrs. Day, look."
Child then pulls left arm sleeve up and flexes his muscles.
Child then puss up right arm sleeve and flexes his muscles and does so very, very seriously.
Child: "The p.e. teacher says I have biceps."

Setting: another classroom. I'm cutting something.
Child who just walked over to where I was: "Wow, Mrs. Day, that's great cutting. That's the best cutting I've ever seen!"

There are so many more. Maybe I'll post again when they come to mind. :)

Speaking of kids, I stopped by Anthropologie after work for a little retail therapy. I ended up finding these two children's books on sale (along with a cute notepad) and spent about $10 on all three. I guess because of my new found love for children's books, it's been fun to start collecting for our future kid library.
I love that they're clever and non-traditional. Working in a school makes me really, really want to prepare my kids for school.
Happy weekend! :)

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Dorothy said...

Precious stories! Keep them coming. I bet those children loooooove you!